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Meet Jim Alterman

Owner of Jim's of Lambertville Fine Art Gallery





Jim Alterman's passion for collecting fine art began when he was approximately 12 years of age.

Raised near the antiques-filled town of New Hope, PA, Jim and his mother rented a shop in Lahaska, PA selling antiques. Throughout high school, Jim would work at the flea markets buying and selling anything he felt he could make a profit on. He would peddle his wares to all the antique shops after school while frequenting garage sales and auctions on the weekends. 



Has been asked to be the subject of a reality show several times over
Is self-made and not the product of a wealthy family
Owns two fine art galleries, one in Lambertville, NJ and the other in Palm Beach, FL
—Owns a wholesale jewelry business in New York City
Named his Palm Beach, FL gallery after his twins Ashley and John
Divides his weeks between his businesses in Palm Beach, FL; Lambertville, NJ and New York City
Is the author and publisher of four books, including New Hope for American Art
Is a longtime boxing enthusiast
Represents the estates of artists:
- Mercedes Matter (1913 - 2001), Amercian Abstract Expressionist 
- Charles Searles (1937 - 2004), African-American painter and sculptor
- Vaclav Vytlacil (1892 - 1984), American Abstract artist

At 21, Jim opened a store in nearby Abington, PA. One day, while delivering an antique piece to a client's home, Jim spotted an Edward Redfield painting on the client's wall. "It looked blurry to me. I didn't understand impressionism yet. I preferred clear, hard-edged pictures," Jim explained. "He (the client) proceeded to tell me it was worth $50,000 - more than ten times my net worth at the time!" From that point on, Jim was hooked. He started his collection of Pennsylvania Impressionists after moving to Solebury, PA in 1991. Jim's first purchase was "Road to Centre Bridge" by Kenneth Nunamaker. 

When Jim opened his current Lambertville store in 1995, his focus was estate jewelry and antiques. He opened a small gallery for artwork across the street. Gradually, the paintings outperformed the antiques and, in 2004, Jim switched the inventory, bringing the artwork into the larger, 7,000 square foot gallery. Today, guests can purchase paintings from a selection of 400 works by such nationally-known artists as Edward Redfield, Daniel Garber, Fern Coppedge, John Folinsbee, Harry Leith-Ross, Kenneth Nanamaker, George Sotter, William Langson Lathrop, Arthur Meltzer, Mary Elizabeth Price, Martha Walter, Harry and Val Bertoia, Mercedes Matter, Vaclav Vytalacil, Charles Searles, and many more.

When asked what is the best piece of advice you can give someone who is trying to build an investment quality collection, Jim always advises, "the art we sell not only adds warmth, beauty and culture to your home or office, it also relieves stress upon viewing and can outperform many intangible assets over time."


"Invest in something you can live with."

Jim's of Lambertville Fine Art Gallery
6 Bridge Street
Lambertville, NJ 08530