Rex Ashlock  (1918   -   1999)  Works

Rex Ashlock

Rex Ashlock (1918 – 1999)

Born in Spokane, Washington in 1918 Rex Ashlock was known for his abstract, figurative expressionist paintings. Ashlock's works are recognized for their “broad fields of single colors with subtle tonal changes, some characterized by moon-like shapes and others by calligraphic emblems”. The most frequent subject of Ashlock’s works was the female form which served as “his primary source of inspiration”. He studied at The California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco with fellow artist, David Park, before eventually teaching there. In 1957 he left for New York to pursue the bohemian lifestyle cultivating in the city. In his free time, he studied the works and writings of American Abstract Expressionists, European figurative painters, and German Expressionists. He died in 1999 in San Francisco after moving back in order to live closer to his family.

Source: Peter Hastings Falk, “One Grain of Sand, Unstained: The Life and Art of Rex Ashlock”