Thrilla in Lambertvilla

What is the "Thrilla in Lambertvilla"?

Every year, Jim's of Lambertville Fine Art Gallery hosts a gala celebration of works for sale by legendary Pennsylvania Impressionists from the "New Hope School". As a longtime boxing enthusiast, owner Jim Alterman of Jim's of Lambertville, dubbed the event "The Thrilla in Lambertvilla" in tribute to the famous 1975 "Thrilla in Manilla" heavyweight championship fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. 

Hundreds of art enthusiasts and collectors will swarm the quaint antique building that houses the gallery, located in the picturesque town of Lambertville, NJ, located across the Delaware River from New Hope, PA. 

In preparation for this annual extravaganza, the staff clears out the gallery, repaints the walls and restocks the gallery with over 400 works acquired by Jim during the past year's search and purchase mission. 

The gallery will brim with the largest assemblage of New Hope School paintings available anywhere in the world. The highly-anticipated exhibit features important pieces by such key figures as Edward Redfield, Daniel Garber, Fern Coppedge, Robert Spencer, Kenneth Nunamaker and others. In addition to these key New Hope School artists, there's something for everyone at the "Thrilla in Lambertvilla" including:

Pioneer New York Abstract Expressionists: Vaclav Vytlacil and Mercedes Matter

Wyeth Contemporary and Brandywine Landscape Master: Peter Sculthorpe

Famed American Sculptors: Harry and Val Bertoia

Second Generation New Hope School Artists: Evelyn Faherty, Joseph Barrett, Anthony Autorino and Alexander Farnham

Important American Tonalists: Charles Warren Eaton and John Francis Murphy

Philadelphia Painter and Sculptor: Charles Searles

New Jersey and New England Marine and Landscape Painters: Hayley Lever, Robert Emmett Owen, Abraham Bogdanove

And Many More!

Prices for the paintings range in value from a thousand dollars to a million and more.

For the passionate collector who wants a first chance to find a new addition for their collection, the "Thrilla in Lambertvilla" is the place to be.